Prostate Cancer Support Group Tri-Cities

Phone: 604.574.4012

Facts & Stats


Prostate Cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death in Canadian men (behind lung cancer).

It is the second leading cause of male cancer deaths. Current fatality rate is about 25%.

Prostate Cancer afflicts men 45 years of age and older, with the incidence increasing with age. Men with a family history of Prostate Cancer are at increased risk so these examinations and tests should begin at age 40.

Prostate Cancer has no known causes or prevention, unlike HIV/AIDS, heart or lung diseases.

Detection and treatment in its earliest stages (while it is still small and confined to the prostate) provides the best chance for a complete cure.

PSA tests in B.C. are not covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP). (PSA tests are covered if you have a history of Prostate troubles in your family.)

Prostate Cancer is a “silent disease” and the best chance for a cure is through early detection before the onset of symptoms. The PSA test is the single best blood test for detecting tumours in all forms of cancer and should be used in conjunction with the DRE


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