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Support Groups

Support Groups

Support groups are established specifically to help men and their loved ones who are dealing with prostate cancer exist all over the United States and Canada.

Organizations and individuals dedicated to making the stressful time surrounding the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of prostate cancer a little bit better are available to help with whatever is needed. Many support groups are designed to include not only the man who has been diagnosed, but also the loved ones of that man as well.

In my experience, the vast majority of men who make use of this important resource are very glad that they did so. To see if one of these support groups could be of benefit to you or your family, check out the web pages and contact the support group near you. You may be pleased at what you find.

Local Groups

Local support groups meet about once a month, usually in a local hospital, health centre, or community centre. At these meetings, men with prostate cancer and their partners and caretakers have the opportunity to meet and share their experiences in a supportive atmosphere. At most meetings, talks or presentations are given by specialists on subjects of interest to the group. Local group meetings are informal and friendly social occasions.

Many groups also organize fund-raising activities to support the development of better local health services and facilities for the treatment of prostate cancer.

There are many other Support Groups throughout Canada

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